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What is 88mph?

88mph is a fixed-rate yield-generation protocol. 88mph allows users to deposit their assets into the non-custodial platform and begin earning passive income. Deposits are then used by the smart contract to earn interest and farm on various platforms like Aave, Compound, Harvest, and Yearn. Currently, 88mph incentivizes lenders to deposit their funds in the fixed-rate APY pools by additionally rewarding them with MPH token rewards. 88mph protocol is controlled by the MPH community who have the power to shape the future of the protocol. the governance treasury receives the MPH tokens paid back by depositors when they withdraw their deposits. The MPH community can propose and vote on various proposals ranging from protocol parameter changes to smart ways of using the capital assets stored in the treasury for creating new incentives, capitalization, and at the end growth.

How to use 88mph?

You can access 88mph [here,] where you can deposit tokens to start earning passive income.