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What is B.Protocol?

B.Protocol is a backstop liquidity protocol aiming to make decentralized lending platforms more stable by introducing a backstop liquidity solution. B.Protocol incentivizes liquidity providers (keepers) to share their proceeds with the B.Protocol users in return for getting a priority in the liquidation process. These incentives aim to attract committed liquidators to the platform and help to shift back miners extracted profits (also known as MEV) to the users. Users can interact with lending platforms via a dedicated smart contract interface to receive a Rating score according to their usage of the protocol. The proceeds from each liquidation made via B.Protocol is shared between the liquidators and what's called the Jar. Each lending protocol has its own Jar. After a period of time, the proceeds held within the Jar are distributed among that Jar's users according to their Rating score.

How to use B.Protocol?

Head over to [the B.Protocol app, https://bprotocol.org/app/], connect your wallet, and start using your preferred lending platform or import existing loans like Maker Vaults.