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What is Badger?

Badger is a DAO dedicated to building products and infrastructure to accelerate Bitcoin in decentralized finance. The goal is to be the one stop app for all things Bitcoin in DeFi: mint, borrow, yield, swap, liquidity and elasticity. Badger's foundational product is the Sett vault. Users can deposit different types of tokenized Bitcoin (wbtc, renbtc, tbtc, sbtc etc.) to generate automated yield. Setts automatically execute yield producing strategies to optimize returns and reduce costs. There is no minimum deposit amount or time. Badger's second product is DIGG, a rebasing Bitcoin. An elastic supply cryptocurrency that's pegged to the price of Bitcoin. Through its vault strategies Badger is attempting to stabilize the price of DIGG to be closer to its target BTC price daily. Badger token governs the DAO including its treasury and all of its products. As a community run initiative, token holders decide everything and truly have shared ownership. Their goal is to be an environment for all of the best builders in the industry to come together and build the products we need for Bitcoin.

How to use Badger?

The most popular place to use Badger is in the [native interface,]. There you can manage your portfolio, use our Sett vaults and claim Badger rewards. Also, here's a [step by step guide,].