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What is Beta Finance?

Beta Finance is a cross-chain permissionless money market protocol for lending, borrowing, and shorting crypto. Beta Finance has created an integrated “1-Click” Short Tool that enables DeFi natives to take the opposite side of a trade and counter volatility, as well as allow anyone, anywhere, anytime to create money markets for a token automatically, unlocking new asset utilization. Beta Finance’s mission is to offset volatility and facilitate greater stability for the long-term, mainstream adoption of DeFi by individuals and institutions through building critical DeFi tooling and infrastructure. With a focus on the user experience, Beta Finance allows DeFi users to initiate, manage, and close short positions with single clicks, while providing relevant metrics and information before position execution. Lenders are able to lend out any token, creating the market permissionlessly if it is yet to exist, and start earning yield on their holdings. Traders are able to pay a premium to execute short trades and hedging strategies with accessibility to all tokens.

How to use Beta Finance?

The DApp is available [here,], and steps on how to interact with the protocol are available in the documentation [here,]. Briefly, users are able to deposit tokens into a respective money market and mint bTokens in return, this will allow them to redeem their deposits and accrued interest when withdrawing. For users borrowing and short selling tokens, users post collateral, separate from deposits, and enter an amount to be borrowed/short sold. It is not required to deposit first before borrowing/short selling. If a user is short selling, Beta Finance will execute a swap from the shorted token to the collateral token used on behalf of the user and add it to the users position. When repaying the debt, a user is either able to use the underlying token or repay with collateral.