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What is Clipper?

Clipper is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built for self-made traders instead of hedge funds. Clipper was designed to give traders the best prices anywhere (including fees, slippage and gas) for their small trades (under $10,000) on the pairs they trade the most. Clipper was designed and developed by Shipyard Software, Inc, a US-based Delaware C-corporation ( Shipyard is a software development firm founded by Abe Othman and Mark Lurie, who have been friends and collaborators for over 15 years since they first met as undergraduate classmates at Harvard. You can learn more about the Clipper team [here.,]

How to use Clipper?

Clipper is currently on eth mainnet and polygon with the goal to launch on all the L1s and L2s. To use Clipper click [here,] and follow the steps below:  1) Connect wallet 2) Select the coins you want to swap 3) Approve the tokens for use on Clipper 4) Complete the Swap