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What is CoreVault?

COREVault is the first high yield farmable deflationary DeFi token. CORE’s ecosystem allows its users to earn rewards from a growing number of strategies, by providing liquidity in one of three liquidity pools. The protocol consists of three pools for Ethereum, Bitcoin and DAI. The underlying assets of LP tokens are locked forever, allowing the protocol to utilize unique strategies for collateralized loans, options trading, and one-sided liquidity additions in Multi Vaults. Each trade on the network is charged with a Fee On Transfer (FoT) which is distributed to staked Liquidity Pool Providers. Assets that enter the ecosystem are converted to cTokens, by using an on-chain data generating wrapping mechanism called ERC95. cTokens collect exclusive data, only accessible to CORE’s systems to calculate investment risk and generate superior performance. Data supremacy and the immense networking effects of CORE’s ecosystem allows it, to adopt and improve a large number of yield generating mechanisms throughout the DeFi space.

How to use CoreVault?

Navigate to, choose a liquidity pool to purchase LP tokens for. Stake the tokens and start earning deflationary yield.