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What is DeversiFi?

DeversiFi is a high-speed, non-custodial exchange released in June 2020 built using StarkWare’s layer 2 scaling engine. Built for serious traders, DeversiFi 2.0 can handle 9,000+ trades per second, provides access to deep aggregated liquidity, offers low fees reaching near 0%, has privacy-by-default, as well as the added advantages of trading from a privately owned cryptocurrency wallet — withdrawal-time-certainty, enhanced-security and complete-control. Users ‘deposit’ their assets in the DeversiFi zkSTARK smart contracts where the exchange engine executes trades off-chain (connecting orders with deeply liquid external order-books at scale and speed) and settling final balances on-chain afterwards. This results in rapid execution speed with new, updated balances instantly available for trading as well as lower trading fees owing to increased gas-cost efficiency. Holders of DeversiFi’s Nectar (NEC) token are entitled to a number of utility based advantages. First, holding NEC will entitle traders to up to 20% trading fee discounts. Second, NEC can be staked (in return for Reputation) in the Nectar DAO — a DAO with 17,000 ETH pledged, designed to give NEC holders and DeversiFi traders control over the direction of the ecosystem. Third, NEC is a deflationary token that is burned in weekly necBURN auctions giving holders a favourable way to sell NEC while increasing value to the ecosystem.

How to use DeversiFi?

DeversiFi has been designed with simplicity and familiarity in mind. Navigate to the DeversiFi exchange dapp where you can register your secure cryptocurrency wallet.The platform includes a walk-through onboarding tutorial but you can also learn more at the DeversiFi Knowledge Base.