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What is YFII Finance?

YFII Finance is an implementation of the YIP-8 proposal that was put forward by members of the original Yearn Finance Community, then rebranded as DFI.money. dfi.money is committed to being a composable and passive income machine powered by smart contract and crypto primitives. Users can deposit supported tokens into DFI.money which automatically transfers these assets into the protocol that has the highest yield. Users receive iTokens, interest-bearing Tokens, representing their deposit and any interest generated through the automatic optimization of strategies of the YFII Vault. iTokens comply with the ERC20 standard and can be utilized or integrated by DeFi products to generate more complex DeFi derivatives. YFII, DFI.money’s governance token, strives to be the most decentralized token. As a decentralized protocol and DAO community, any changes to the DFI.money ecosystem are always done via on-chain proposals and voting.

How to use YFII Finance?

Navigate to [dfi.money, https://dfi.money/] where you can deposit YFII, ETH, stablecoins, and other supported tokens to start earning