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What is Erasure?

Numerai developed the Erasure protocol, a decentralized data marketplace for predictions which allows users to upload predictions and build reputation over time by staking cryptocurrencies like Numeraire (NMR) or DAI to show their confidence in their data or prediction. Erasure users commit predictions effectively timestamping them, stake NMR on the validity of their predictions, and then reveal the encrypted predictions, only after they are no longer valuable/actionable. Buyers can pay for keys to access encrypted prediction feeds. Buyers assess the value and accuracy of feeds based on their historical staking performance. Erasure Quant, a decentralized marketplace for stock market data, is the first application on the Erasure Protocol. ErasureBay, an open peer-to-peer data market built using this reveal system, is the second application went live on the mainnet in March 2020.

How to use Erasure?

To try Erasure, check out [Erasure Quant,] where you can upload signals and potentially earn money for your stock predictions. Or, head over to [ErasureBay,] where you can buy or sell information.