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What is Flexa?

Flexa is an instant, fraud-proof payments network for digital assets. Using a Flexa-enabled wallet app, anyone can spend a variety of cryptocurrencies, ERC20 tokens, stablecoins, and reward points—instantly, privately, and with zero fees—at multi-national brands across the US and Canada. Making a payment with Flexa takes less than a second, in stores or online. And because Flexa is fundamentally composed of decentralized infrastructure, its network is faster, safer, and more secure than traditional payment instruments like credit/debit cards and gift cards. Core to the Flexa network is the Amp collateral token (AMP), which secures all Flexa payments in real-time and allows the underlying digital asset transactions to ultimately confirm and settle on chain. Using the Flexa Capacity smart contracts, anyone can provide AMP collateral to Flexa-enabled wallets that they believe are trustworthy and useful—and in return, they earn a network reward in the form of the small processing fee that Flexa charges to merchants. Flexa payments are currently available on iOS and Android, and are coming to dozens of digital wallets by the end of 2020. With support for more than two dozen different digital currencies, Flexa claims to be the simplest, easiest, and safest way to spend digital assets today.

How to use Flexa?

To spend your digital assets instantly at any merchant location on Flexa's network, download a [compatible wallet app,]. Or, to get started supplying AMP collateral and earning network rewards, connect your wallet to the Flexa Capacity dApp at [,].