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What is Fortube?

ForTube is a DeFi money market platform based on [The Force Protocol,]. [ForTube Bank,] is a liquidity pool based lending protocol that enables anyone to supply digital assets to earn interest, or borrow against a collateral. It supports a wide range of digital assets, and the borrowing & lending rates are algorithmically adjusted to incentivise and foster maximum liquidity in pools. [ForTube Bond,] is a liquidity pool based bond financing protocol with fixed term and fixed interest rates for digital assets’ lenders and borrowers. ForTube's latest public audit reports are provided by SlowMist and CertiK.

How to use Fortube?

The best place to utilize ForTube is visiting the [official website,]. ForTube is also currently listed on all major wallets’ DeFi section. After you connect your wallet, you can easily start lending or borrowing tokens.