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What is Futureswap?

Futureswap is a perpetual futures platform built on Ethereum that offers leverage, live pricing, high capital efficiency, and incentivized usage. It aims to be a platform for institutions, whales, and everyday traders by having the best price execution of any perpetual futures exchange. Futureswap uses a unique AMM, which enables users to deposit an asset/stable pairing into a liquidity pool to earn trade fees as well as FST. By replacing order books and market makers with an AMM, 100% of trade fees are delivered to liquidity providers. As more liquidity enters, trading becomes more efficient, which allows for larger trades. Additionally, traders are rewarded with FST distributions based on their trade volume. FST (Futureswap Token) is the governance token that powers Futureswap. Futureswap is designed to have aligned incentives and control from traders, liquidity providers and developers. FST can be used to vote on new exchanges, upgrades to all aspects of the protocol, and updates to parameters such as trade fees and FST distribution itself. The Futureswap protocol receives continual audits from both OpenZeppelin and Trail of Bits to ensure the platform is safe and stable with continued growth.

How to use Futureswap?

Futureswap can be accessed on [exchange.futureswap.com, https://exchange.futureswap.com/]. Traders deposit USDC to be used as collateral for their leveraged trades. Liquidity providers deposit equal amounts of asset / stable token to enter into a liquidity pool