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What is Gamma?

Gamma is a protocol that provides active, non-custodial, concentrated liquidity management for both the public and enterprises. Gamma uses hypervisors, which are upgradable contracts that interact with AMMs. Hypervisors can be deployed for any pair, any fee-tier, and on both Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains. Hypervisors mint fractional liquidity pool tokens similar to Uniswap V2, collect fees and can experience impermanent loss. Gamma utilizes a variety of automatic, algorithmic strategies developed by its research arm to properly manage liquidity in each pool. These strategies are always being updated, modified, and analyzed for performance, and are tailored to the needs of the liquidity provider, whether that be maximizing profit, or reducing slippage. Gamma's dApp has access to liquidity pools for both the public and enterprise. A special portal exists for enterprises to access special features. Both public and enterprise portals have a user interface and analytics used to track performance. Gamma's dApp also provides staking to its users through the GAMMA and xGAMMA tokens. GAMMA tokens can be staked for xGAMMA tokens, which earn 10% of the fees accrued by the liquidity pools. GAMMA functions as an index of all the liquidity pools on Gamma and allows users to diversify their exposure to liquidity pools.

How to use Gamma?

Add liquidity, stake GAMMA, and discover analytics at [Gamma,]