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What is Harvest Finance?

Harvest was created for those looking for a convenient way to farm the latest projects that are producing yield for users. When you deposit your tokens (DAI, USDC, WBTC, and other supported assets) to Harvest.Finance, they are put to work in high-yield farming opportunities and you receive an fAsset (fDAI, fUSDC, fWBTC) that earns a proportional share of the farming revenue. Harvest lowers the barrier to entry for people who don’t want to track DeFi 24/7, pay gas costs to harvest regularly and move funds between opportunities, etc. Harvest handles the APY tracking, strategy development and auditing, gas costs, and regular harvesting to ensure that returns compound. Holders of the FARM token can profit share in the yield farming revenue, receive incentives for providing liquidity in Uniswap, and vote to help decide the direction of the cooperative. The [open source Harvest smart contracts, https://github.com/harvest-finance] are not forks of existing contracts and have been designed from the ground up with extensive test coverage and security in mind. Security audits have been completed by [Haechi Labs and Peckshield, https://github.com/harvest-finance/harvest/tree/master/audits], and [additional audits, https://farm.chainwiki.dev/en/security] are in progress.

How to use Harvest Finance?

Navigate to [harvest.finance, https://harvest.finance/] and deposit stablecoins, tokenized bitcoin, Uniswap LP tokens, and other supported assets to start earning interest and FARM. Deposit FARM in Profit Sharing to share in the farming revenue.