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What is Impermax?

Impermax is a DeFi platform for unlocking the value of LP tokens. On Impermax, liquidity providers can use their LP tokens as collateral for loans. This opens up new opportunities for yield farmers to continue earning yields while accessing borrowed funds for trading, staking, or even providing more liquidity. Most importantly, users can use these borrowed funds to leverage their yields. Impermax achieves some of the industry’s lowest collateralization requirements and highest yield leverage with its unique collateral model. Every lending pool on Impermax is paired with LP token collateral of matching value. This means users can leverage their AMM yields up to x10 with a single transaction. Any time there is a big increase in yields, farmers can instantly increase their positions without adding any additional funds of their own. On the lending side, anyone can supply funds for permissionless loans on Impermax. When yield farmers use these borrowed funds for more yield, it means the lender is effectively providing liquidity to the AMM (indirectly through the borrower) with no risk of impermanent loss.

How to use Impermax?

Visit [,] and connect your Metamask or other Web 3 wallet to the app. Click on a token pair and choose whether you want to borrow or lend. Borrowers can deposit LP tokens from Uniswap V2 and immediately leverage them. Lenders can deposit tokens on any supported pair and start earning interest. Impermax can support every token pair on Uniswap V2. If you don’t see the pair you want, you can add it yourself via the Create New Pair UI.