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What is InstaDApp?

Instadapp is a smart wallet with an intuitive interface built on top of popular DeFi projects like MakerDAO, Compound, Uniswap, etc. for managing assets. It’s optimized for users with or without advanced technical or financial experience. The dashboard allows users to see all of their Defi positions in one place. Instadapp allows users to perform complex actions like leveraging or saving by buying or selling collateral in a single transaction. Users are presented with the best market prices and lowest costs when swapping assets on the platform. One of Instadapp's most popular features is its Bridge which allows users to migrate debts between Maker Vaults, Compound Finance and AAVE. Other features include the option to lend assets or add liquidity or [migrate a DeFi position cross-chain,]. Conceived at ETHIndia in August 2018, Instadapp launched on the Ethereum mainnet in December 2018 and released its v2 update in April 2019. The team plans to add tie-ins with other protocols and additional features as it continues toward its goals of becoming a decentralized bank and driving mainstream adoption of DeFi. In 2021, Instadapp launched its governance token, INST, with the launch of this token the Instadapp protocol was handed over to the community for governance. The INST tokenholders govern and control the underlying contracts and future upgrades to the platform.

How to use InstaDApp?

Instadapp's [dashboard,] is where you can access all its features. Instadapp creates each user a unique smart contract wallet where you can manage new and existing Vaults, assets in Compound, and manage your DeFi positions with ease.