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What is Inverse Finance? is a suite of permissionless decentralized finance tools governed by the Inverse DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization running on the Ethereum blockchain. The main products are Anchor, DOLA, and DCA Vaults. Anchor is a combined money market and synthetic asset protocol enabling capital efficient borrowing & lending. Anchor’s key differentiator is its ability to issue DOLA. DOLA is a synthetic stable coin token that tracks the price of $1. DOLA can be minted by using other assets on Anchor as collateral and can itself also be used as collateral to borrow other assets on Anchor. As depositors earn interest on their assets (unlike Maker) and as 1 DOLA always equals $1 of collateral on Anchor (strong peg), DOLA can be a useful stable line of credit for DeFi yield farmers / users and protocol-to-protocol borrowers, especially as the amount of Anchor deposits grows and DOLA becomes more widely adopted. DCA (Dollar Cost Average) Vaults enable you to invest your tokens into yield bearing strategies while continuously buying the asset of your choice with the proceeds, allowing you to DCA into an asset such as ETH, WBTC or YFI over time. The InverseDAO is made up of INV token holders, who govern key aspects of the ecosystem, such as Anchor parameters and product fees. The InverseDAO also controls the treasury that results from various product fees as well as the interest earned from DAI deposits into the ‘Stabilizer’ (a key part of the system where 1 DOLA can be redeemed for 1 DAI and vice versa).

How to use Inverse Finance?

The best place to start is the main [ website,] or the friendly discord community of INVaders (see community links). Beyond that, the current ways of using the protocol itself are by lending and borrowing on [Anchor,], converting DAI to DOLA on [the Stabilizer,], and / or earning yield on your stable coins through the [DCA vaults,], and there are more use cases forthcoming.