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What is Lien?

Lien is a protocol for creating Options and Stablecoins out of ETH. The Lien Protocol is the smart contract that enables the bifurcation, or the tranching, of ETH into two components; the variable component and the stable component. The variable component is the Liquid Bond Token (LBT) and the stable component is the Stable Bond Token (SBT). The LBT is designed to absorb most of the volatility, or the risk of the fluctuation in the ETH:USD price. This characteristic of the LBT makes it a supercharged financial instrument that performs essentially like a 2x leveraged call option on ETH. Because LBT strips away most of the price volatility, the SBT is stabilized against the US dollar. This characteristic of the SBT makes it a perfect collateral for the stable coin, iDOL.

How to use Lien?

1. Go to the app and connect your ETH wallet. 2. TRADE Tab on the top of the app allows trading between LIEN:USDC pair. 3. Toggling the SELECT MARKET Tab, one can trade variety of options on ETH in a decentralized manner.