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What is Metronome?

Metronome (MET) is a cryptocurrency or DeFi asset designed with a low rate of continuous issuance through its daily auctions. Metronome also has an on-chain DEX that provides MET/ETH liquidity (AMM). Metronome believes the highly predictable nature of MET's issuance will help MET behave more like an actual currency and encourage its owners to use it as one. Additionally, its predictability makes developing DeFi applications with MET simpler. MET is intended to act as a store of value that is decentralized across blockchains. A defining quality of Metronome is "portability" or its interoperability with many blockchains preventing what Metronome refers to as chain permenance. Currently, chainhops or MET transfers between chains is live for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic; several more chains are also on the roadmap including QTUM, Rootstock, and EOS. Metronome is self-governed and its behavior is wholly governed by its smart contracts without any privilege, backdoors, or access for anyone - including its creators.

How to use Metronome?

Users can purchase newly issued MET through the [daily auctions,]. The daily descending price auctions provide a daily mintage of 2,880 MET. There is also an on-chain DEX that provides MET/ETH liquidity (AMM).