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What is PeakDeFi?

The PEAKDEFI fund is a global, decentralized fund on the Ethereum blockchain, managed by different managers in a decentralized, permissionless and optimized way to try and achieve the best outcome for everybody involved. Instead of picking the right investment out of countless possibilities, users participate in just one global fund where managers can compete to outperform one another in on-chain trading with the fund’s capital. While everybody can become an asset manager the distribution of the managed PEAKDEFI fund adjusts automatically between the best asset managers through smart contracts to achieve optimal results. This is ensured by the so-called reputation token for asset managers. Profitable trades earn more reputation token while bad traders lose reputation token and therefore shares of the assets under management (AUM).

How to use PeakDeFi?

To start using the PEAKDEFI protocol, whether as an investor or a manager, head over to the website [,] and connect your Ethereum wallet.