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What is Premia Finance?

Premia Finance is a decentralized financial instrument protocol that looks to change the landscape with new & innovative takes to traditional finance products. Currently supporting covered call and put options for various native Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain assets, each with their own marketplaces. Premia utilizes ERC1155 for the securitization of covered options contracts where the token collateral is locked up with the smart contract until either expiration, exercise, or early cancellation (if not sold). The Premia Options Minter was constructed to be able to write Options for any token denominated in either DAI/WETH/WBTC. Premia's design allows for multiple contracts to be written, transferred, traded, exercised, as well as other features all in a single transaction, saving on gas costs and allowing for quality of life improvements for all platform users.

How to use Premia Finance?

The marketplace for [Premia Finance,] can be used to write, buy, sell or exercise options from an easy-to-use, custom marketplace dashboard with menu tabs on the left side of the app.