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What is QIAN?

QIAN is a stablecoin protocol based on Ethereum and Binance smart chain. Users can lock their cryptoassets (such as ETH, HBTC, WBTC, USD stablecoins, mainstream exchange platform tokens, etc.) to the protocol and mint the stablecoin QUSD, the stablecoins can also be returned to smart contracts to redeem their assets. QUSD is the first stablecoin issued by QIAN protocol, which launched in September 2020. QUSD is issued on both Ethereum and Binance smart chain. In the future, QIAN protocol will also launch QHKD, QEUR and other stable assets. KUN is the governance token of QIAN, with a total supply of 12 million and no pre-mining, no private sale, no team distribution, 100% mining distribution. It is used to vote on QIAN governance and to maintain QUSD price stability.

How to use QIAN?

The best place to use QIAN is visiting the [Qian official website,]. QIAN is also currently launched on major wallets. After you connect your wallet, you can easily to start depositing tokens and minting QUSD.