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Robo-Advisor for Yield
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What is Robo-Advisor for Yield?

Released in Sept 2019, Robo-Advisor for Yield, or RAY for short, is a smart contract system that utilizes off-chain price oracles to automatically transfer your funds to the lending protocol offering the highest yield. RAY currently supports on-chain lending for ETH, DAI and USDC tokens via the Dai Savings Rate, Compound, dYdX, bZx, and Aave. When a user deposits funds into the RAY smart contract, they’re given a unique RAY ERC-721 token that represents the ownership of their funds plus interest generated. A 20% fee is charged on any additional yield produced by RAY when compared to what you’d earn lending on one service (Compound is used as the benchmark in this case). RAY has been [audited by Trail of Bits,], a leading security research firm.

How to use Robo-Advisor for Yield?

The most common way to access RAY is through [this interface,] built by Staked where you can open a new RAY or manage an existing RAY.