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What is Shell?

Shell's tagline is: "The oldest form of money is now the newest." The ultimate vision for Shell is to create the internet monetary system, a stable and liquid medium of exchange accessible to all. Shell v1.0 is a liquidity pool optimized for stablecoin to stablecoin swaps (or BTC to BTC swaps). The pools have been designed to have deep liquidity, portfolio weights and protections against a broken peg. The goal for Shell v1 was to develop a framework for flexible bonding curves that can adapt to new use cases and market conditions. Liquidity provider shares are called “shells” because they are containers for the value held by the pool, just as living shells are containers for the organism inside. Shells are natively liquid, diversify exposure and earn yield.

How to use Shell?

Visit [Shell,] to swap stablecoins or Bitcoin tokens on Ethereum or provide liquidity to earn yields.