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What is Swarm Markets?

Swarm Markets was founded by Timo Lehes and Philipp Pieper who previously worked on the Swarm Network DAO. While working there, they discovered that the challenge of finding liquidity and compliant markets for digital assets was holding back the industry and was deterring a lot of issuers from tokenizing. In 2019, Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, BaFin, announced amendments to banking regulations regarding crypto assets that would enable Swarm Markets to solve these issues by creating a single market with liquidity for both securities and crypto. Swarm Market extends this idea to include the digitization of assets like traditional securities that can be issued as compliant tokens under their banking licenses as well as new types of assets and financial instruments. Swarm Markets is building infrastructure for a future where every asset functions as fully programmable money — moving as easily as data over the internet today — by building a compliant trading ecosystem. This ecosystem enables customers to conduct transactions with blockchain-based tokens representing all asset classes while preserving the core benefits of DeFi: self-custody, on-chain transparency, and networked liquidity.

How to use Swarm Markets?

New users can onboard in minutes with instant approval to transact up to EUR €5,000 on the platform and get an automatic upgrade to unlimited trading after human review. Complete the first three steps to obtain authorization to use Swarm Markets: 1. Connect a wallet such as Metamask 2. Verify identity via one of our KYC providers 3. Verify email address Swarm Markets supported wallets include Metamask, WalletConnect supported wallets, Ledger and Trezor. Upon successful authorization, users may simply connect their wallet and start swapping any of their supported assets, visible on https://trade.swarm.markets. Detailed information about the platform’s functionality can be found at https://docs.swarm.markets.