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What is xToken?

xToken is a simple protocol interface for set-and-forget staking strategies sitting on top of some of the most popular and trusted projects in DeFi. Via flagship products like xSNX, xAAVE, and xINCH, users are able to benefit from auto-compounding and accounting efficiencies while still participating in governance. xToken unlocks the ability to utilize staked assets that were previously not accessible as superfluid collateral in the greater DeFi ecosystem. xTokens are used to lower frictions for users while increasing liquidity. They contribute to greater participation in governance while abstracting away complexity from end users and offering a better and more profitable user experience.

How to use xToken?

Users can find all the available xTokens on [,]. There are descriptions and FAQs there for each xToken along with an interface for buying and selling. Information on xToken's approach to governance along with historical voting records and rationales can be found at the Governance blog at [,].