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What is yAxis?

yAxis is a DeFi yield portfolio that grows digital assets deposits through active management by the DAO. The v3 Canonical Vaults allocates capital across a range of farms. Allocations are governed by a DAO, where token holders vote to steer yield and ultimately direct yield strategies. The flagship [V3 Canonical Vaults,] support a variety of yield strategies across BTC, ETH, LINK and more digital assets. The vaults offer a base yield, whilst YAXIS holders vote to boost personal and global vault earnings. Whenever there is a better strategy available, the vaults will deploy underlying deposits into the appropriate yield strategy to chase return optimal earnings. Users can choose to withdraw their funds anytime by withdrawing their deposits. The YAXIS token serves as the governance token of the yAxis DAO. Stakers play the role of a decentralised portfolio manager. This earns them a percentage of the yield farming profits from the vaults and allows them to boost personal and global yields. The goal of yAxis is to create a yield portfolio which can obtain the best return by taking advantage of other existing yield aggregating platforms. yAxis also serves as an auto-compounding platform to save users on gas fees and optimise returns. Governance strategies are decided by the community by staking YAXIS tokens on the governance platform. YAXIS holders can also boost their personal APR on the vaults by locking into the gauges. Voting Power is awarded in return for locking YAXIS, which can in turn be used to boost global APR for the vaults. In return for participating in governance, those with Voting Power will receive a share of the platform’s performance fee. yAxis v3 launched 21 November 2021 with the guidance of the fully community-sourced yAxis Team. The vision is to deliver a DAO-directed yield portfolio with sustainable, revenue-based tokenomics.

How to use yAxis?

Simply head to [,] and choose the desired vault. Users can purchase the appropriate digital asset using instructions on the the yAxis dApp.