Get the best interest rates in a snap with DeFi Pulse

Chaz Schmidt
Jul 14, 2021
|2 minutes read

Lately, we’ve been receiving a lot of feedback from those of you in the community about new features and metrics you’d like to see included on DeFi Pulse. We want to let you know that we appreciate this feedback as well as your support of DeFi Pulse.

And needless to say, we’re excited to watch DeFi grow too! Which is why we’re delighted to announce the new Earn Income feature of DeFi Pulse.


earn income

There’s no doubt that lending is one of DeFi’s most popular use cases. As it currently stands, DeFi lending services make up a majority of the top 10 DeFi Pulse leaderboard rankings. It only seems natural that DeFi Pulse provide users with insights into this area of the market.

So in addition to our leaderboard rankings and The DeFi List, this section of DeFi Pulse helps users track trends in the market and compare services for the best DeFi interest rates.

Compare interest rates in a snap

It’s super easy to use! Simply select the asset you’d like to lend out from the list of currently supported tokens: WETH, DAI, USDC, ZRX, BAT, REP, WBTC, MKR, KNC, TUSD, or LINK. Next, enter the quantity. And then, our tool searches DeFi to give you the best options between services like Compound, dYdX, Fulcrum, and Nuo Network.

You’ll instantly see your potential monthly earnings at a glance. DeFi Pulse’s Earn Income section makes it easy to compare the finer details of your loan including Interest Rates (APY), Term length, and desired level of Permissioning like KYC.

Put your money to work

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a try today! You could be earning passive income with those tokens sitting in your wallet. And don’t forget to let us what you think in the Concourse Discord or @DefiPulse on Twitter.