Oasis.app: Growing Crypto’s Tried-and-True Dai and DeFi Gateway

William Peaster
Jan 10, 2022
|4 minutes read
oasis app

Maker, Ethereum’s first-ever DeFi application, is a decentralized credit platform offering users access to the most proven permissionless stablecoin to date, the dollar-pegged Dai

Yet Maker just provides the vault infrastructure supporting the Dai. Most people actually opt to use an easy front-end service to readily manage their Dai borrowing, saving, and trading activities. 

Built by some of the same people who built the Maker Protocol and Dai, Oasis.app is not just the most affordable of these types of services, it’s the premier Dai service. Indeed, since its launch in 2019 Oasis has become DeFi’s go-to Dai suite, a reality evidenced by the fact that most Maker Vaults in circulation have been generated via the platform.

As such, Oasis.app has played an important role in both the rise of the Dai and the rise of DeFi in extension. After spinning out from the Maker Foundation this summer, the newly independent Oasis team is now expanding their DeFi contributions even further by growing their platform’s services to new horizons!

What’s new with Oasis.app

This month Oasis.app is rolling out two major new functionalities: a direct integration with the 1inch Network dapp and a leverage like trading feature called Multiply.  

📏 1inch integration

1inch Network is one of DeFi’s top “DEX aggregators.” That is, the protocol sources token liquidity from across multiple decentralized exchanges simultaneously. In doing so, it offers traders some of the best liquidity and swap prices you can find in DeFi. 

These superior liquidity and price guarantees are great for traders, which is why the Oasis team just unveiled an integration with 1inch on their platform. The DeFi meld ensures Oasis.app users can easily access 1inch’s optimized trading infrastructure directly within their Oasis dashboards. 

🔢 Multiply feature release

Maker is one of the most proven avenues to employ leverage in decentralized fashion. For example, we often see people open a Maker Vault with ETH, then generate Dai, and then use that Dai to buy even more ETH. 

The modern Oasis interface: sleep, simple, and intuitive.  

Yet the leverage process described above can be tedious and expensive if performed manually, so that’s where the new Oasis.app Multiply feature comes in. Multiply provides automated leverage-like trading around collateral tokens, so that within one transaction users can open a Maker Vault, borrow Dai, and use that Dai to buy more collateral!

A taste of what’s to come

Oasis.app has come a long way since its inception as OasisDEX in 2016, a journey which the project recently detailed in a post titled “The Story of Oasis.” At the conclusion of that write-up, the builders noted:

Over this time, the team has learned a lot, and collected a lot of feedback from both its users and the wider community. Now Oasis is a new standalone entity and there are many exciting things to come – including some brand new features just around the corner.

That said, the 1inch integration and Multiply feature may be the first rollouts from the independent Oasis team, but they certainly won’t be the last! Time to keep our eyes peeled accordingly 👀

Learn more about Oasis.app

Still new to Maker and Dai in general? Then consider checking out DeFi Pulse’s guide on “How to Generate Dai with a Maker Vault,” which was recently updated and will help you learn all the basics of using the Oasis Borrow portal. 

Otherwise, if you’re interested in closely tracking the evolution of Oasis.app your best bets are to follow Oasis on Twitter and to join the project’s Discord community. If you do so, you’ll be among the first people to know whenever Oasis.app launches new features!

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