Pulse.inc is now Scalara

Christoph Gackstatter
Mar 04, 2022
|1 minute read

That’s it. Pulse.inc is now Scalara. The rest remains the same: We will continue with our mission to create innovative indices that make the decentralized world accessible to everyone.

Don’t worry, the DeFi Pulse Index will still be maintained by Scalara to ensure it provides diversified and liquid exposure to blue-chip DeFi protocols.

Flexible Leverage Index methodologies will still be monitored and new FLI tokens will be launched in partnership with the Index Coop and Set.

There is much left to create as DeFi and other blockchain innovations open up vast new horizons of financial opportunities. Scalara will continue to build towards these horizons. The future of finance is open, programmable and decentralized. We are dedicated to making that future as empowering as possible for everyone!

Stay tuned for new indices to come!

Find us at scalara.xyz  and follow us on Twitter @Scalara_xyz.

Scalara is dedicated to creating and maintaining indices for a decentralized world.